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Customize your ornaments this year! 


Your choice of color personalized Christmas Ornaments. Ornaments are handmade! Ornaments are plastic and measuring about 3"  We personalize our ornaments with names, couples names, (Shelly + Megan), family names (The Wilson's) with or without a date.

 Other collections available: Harry Potter set (6) and Rainbow Set(12)

Harry Potter Set Includes:

  • (1)HP Logo, (4) Each of the House names&colors, (1) silver ornament with your choice of image (9 3/4 symbol, deathly hallows symbol, ALWAYS, MUGGLE)


 All names will be in white unless otherwise requested.

Please note colors may vary slightly from what is shown due to differences in monitor settings.

Glitter is enclosed INSIDE each ornament to ensure it's mess free!

Please specify the name(s) requested in box. Names will be printed as sent. No refunds or exchanges will be given unless mistake in on our end.


Sample of how to input name(s) and color:

Samantha (Emerald), Regan (Rose) 



Custom Glitter Ornaments

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