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What To Expect During a Photoshoot 

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Connect Ahead

I like to connect ahead of time about what sort of vision you have for your photoshoot. This is done with a few emails or a short phone call. It's helpful to establish a relationship ahead of time so we can maximize the time we have together come photo session day. 

Professional Camera Equipment

Day Of Session

On the day of the session, it's helpful to arrive early. That helps us not feel rushed and can set the tone for our time together. We will go over any last minute details and then start the session. The sessions are fluid, so they are not all mapped out and rigid. The #1 thing to bring to a photoshoot is your positive attitude (no no, don't eye roll me!). Have an understanding that the shoot might not going to go "how you think it should".  Kids will be kids and that's ok (to an extent of course) but it's more dissatisfying to have a picture where the parents look grumpy, then one where the kids do! 

Fashion Accessories

What To Wear

#1 question asked: "Do you have any suggestions as to what we should wear?" YES, I do!  Let's keep it simple:

- YES to earth tones

- NO to matchy matchy 

- YES to coordinating styles/colors

- NO to matchy matchy

- YES to layering 

- NO to matchy matchy (are you starting to catch on?)

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How You Will Get Your Photos

After our shoot, it takes 2-3 weeks to deliver your gallery. I will upload to a gallery site and send you the link inviting you to check it out. 

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